Get a Free Makeover

Hello Dollies! I have been thinking this for a while... Our Blog Wants to Give a free Makeover to dolls. But for this, you have to give your password too! I'm sure 99% of you wouldn't want to reveal it to me but let me ensure you that it's Hack Free and I'll not hack your account... I will be using your Beauty Parlour Items to makeover you.I will not be buying any additional items. No one is forcing you to do that. If you want to get a free makeover, then don't be stupid and reveal your password in the comments below or you might get hacked! Send my doll (AaseesKaurCG , Ash-) a friend request and then tell me the password in the chat... Write "I WILL" in the comments below to tell me that you want a makeover... AND JUST REMEMBER, NO ONE IS FORCING YOU!

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